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Aruba Ostrich Farm

Address: Matividiri 57, Paradera, Aruba
Meet The Animals Get Up Close and Personal. You will learn interesting facts about the ostrich's amazing speed as well as mating, rearing, feeding habits and defense mechanisms it uses against predators. You will even have the opportunity to hand-feed the not-so-shy creatures. The guide-tour concludes with a visit to the incubator, hatchery, and the special pens for young ostriches and emus. - Tour Fees: $14 per adult, $7 per child. - Tours Schedule: Every 30 mins from 10:00 AM until 2:30 PM. Open 7 days a week.

Aruba UTV Tour

Address: Flacciusstraat 33
Get your adrenaline rushing while you take a roller coaster-like ride on our Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV). From taking exhilarating dips in nature's pools, to witnessing the island's most inspiring geological formations, and facing Aruba's rocky windward coasts! - Tour Days: Monday through Saturday - Tour Times: 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM - Included: Water bottle, goggles and pick-up and drop-off - Price: PER UTV $200 (2-seater) - Stops: Alto Vista Chapel, Baby Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Ruins, Ayo Rock Formation, Cave Natural Pool, Andicuri Beach, Tripod Bridge, Blackstone Beach.

Aruba Wind Surfing

Address: Fishermans Huts
Get your sail up and go - it's playtime! Learning how to windsurf is like playing on the water. As soon as you pick up the sail, the wind will sweep you out, and you'll be sailing straight away. The instructor will teach you how to hold your sail, stand on the board, hoist up the sail, and make turns. He'll explain everything in 1 hour, after which you will have 1 hour to put the theory in practice under his close supervision. Feel the fun and freedom of dancing on the water with Aruba's trade winds! For all ages starting at 6 years. AGE LIMIT: 6 years and up. Daily Lesson times: Start daily at 10:30 am, 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm (schedule may vary) Rental prices (excluding insurance and harness costs - contact us for more information): - 1 hr: $ 30 - 2 hrs: $ 45 - 1/2 day: $ 60 - 1 day: $ 75 - 2 days: $ 140 - 3 days: $ 195 - 4 days: $ 245 - 5 days: $ 295 - 6 days: $ 325 - 1 week: $ 355 Windsurf Lessons - Beginner lesson: (1 hr instruction + 1 hr. of practice) $60 pp - Private beginner lesson: (1 hr instruction + 1 hr. of practice) $90 pp - Beginner's course: (3 hrs instruction + 2 hrs. of practice) $165 pp - Private advanced lesson: Private advanced lesson: (1 hr) excluding gear. $75 pp - All prices are per person Located at Fishermens huts. 1/4 mile past the last Marriott hotel, you will see 5 big blue trailers with colored flags VisitAruba Plus Card Accepted

Aruba Wind Surfing

Address: Fishermans Huts
Aruba has a perfect combination of temperature, wind strength and water conditions for beginning and expert windsurfers. It is therefore no surprise that Aruba is known as one of the best places on earth to practice windsurfing.  - Age Limit: 8 years and up - Daily lesson Times: 10:30 / 12:030 / 14:30 / We rent equipment and give lessons to beginners -young and old- and to advanced sailors. Learn windsurfing, you will be amazed how much fun it is.

Bar Jam Tour

Address: Seroe Blanco 52-B
Visit all the hottest spots on the island as we hop from bar to bar while singing popular karaoke tunes. - Tour Time: 9:00 PM - Included: Pick-up and drop-off, welcome shot at each bar and snacks. - Price: $39

Beach & Cave Bus Tour

Address: Pelican Pier, J.E. Irausquin Blvd 237
Discover our mysterious caves, spectacular beaches and historic landmarks with a friendly and knowledgeable Aruban guide. - Tour Time: 9:30 AM - Included: Free pickup, Entrance to Arikok National Park, BB Lunch and refreshments. - Price: For adults: USD $77 pp, for children (4-12): USD $45 - Stops: Natural Bridge, Arikok National Park, Baby Beach and Pelican Nest Seafood Grill

Beach Hopping

Address: Opal 58, Noord
Visit two of the most loved beaches cherished by Aruba's visitors. This excursion will take you to Mangel Halto Beach and Baby Beach to relax in paradise-like surroundings. Mangel Halto Beach is known as one of the best beaches in Aruba for snorkeling. It has some wonderful views of the coastline with an excellent beach area for snorkeling. Next you will visit Baby Beach with the option to relax and tan for those who may not want to snorkel. - Tour Time: 9:00 AM - Included: Free pick-up and snorkeling equipment. - Price: For adults: $37 pp, For children: $25  - Stops: Mangel Halto Beach and Baby Beach

Blokarting Tour

Address: Fishermans Huts
Harness the power of the wind! It's easy to learn how to use our small blokart (aka land sailing) crafts, allowing you to ride after just a short of instruction. You decide if you want to go full power (FAST!) or enjoy a more relaxing cruise by fastening or loosening your sail. This epic activity is great for couples, friends, and families alike, sharing the fun and excitement guaranteed by Aruba's famous trade winds! For all ages above 14 years. - Tour Time: Upon Request at 8:30 AM - Included: instruction, safety gear, a water bottle, with pick up and drop off at your hotel (for the main hotel strip) - Price: US $95 pp We advise you to bring sport shoes or trainers, sunscreen, sunglasses for the flying sand and dust, and clothes you don't mind getting dust

Catamaran Afternoon Delight Sailing- Snorkeling

Address: J.E. Irausquin Blvd 87
One of the best ways to see Aruba is from the water. Lounge Seating, Relaxing, Tan, Sun and Fun, a Snorkel Tour to Remember! - Tour Time: 1:00 PM - Included: Open Cocktail Bar, Afternoon appetizers, Snorkel equipment and instructions, Certified first responder, Safety Life Jackets (Adults and children), Octopus souvenir. - Price: Adults $69.99, Children $49.99,  Infant $0

Catamaran Happy Hour Sunset Sail

Address: J.E. Irausquin Blvd 87
Luxury, Romance, Comfort and a unique Aruban Sunset on this exclusive sunset sailing experience. - Tour Time: 4:30 PM - Included: Open Cocktail Bar, Afternoon appetizers, Certified first responder, Safety Life Jackets (Adults and Children), Octopus souvenir. - Price: Adults $59.99,  Children  $39.99, Infant $0