Address: Fishermans Huts

Harness the power of the wind!

It’s easy to learn how to use our small blokart (aka land sailing) crafts, allowing you to ride after just a short of instruction. You decide if you want to go full power (FAST!) or enjoy a more relaxing cruise by fastening or loosening your sail. This epic activity is great for couples, friends, and families alike, sharing the fun and excitement guaranteed by Aruba’s famous trade winds!

For all ages above 14 years.

РTour Time: Upon Request at 8:30 AM
– Included: instruction, safety gear, a water bottle, with pick up and drop off at your hotel (for the main hotel strip)
– Price: US $95 pp

We advise you to bring sport shoes or trainers, sunscreen, sunglasses for the flying sand and dust, and clothes you don’t mind getting dust

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