Address: Westpunt 37 A

Etnia Nativa is the only residential dwelling on the island which opens its doors to visitors, creating a unique experience every time you walk through the entrance

Discover an anthropological approach, the untold story of the real island living, How all started authentic applying art, archeology, medicinal herbs, and native shamanic practices. a conscious living tourist tutorial discovery.

Personalized Tours

– Aruba Beyond Beaches – Approximately 1 hour

Includes a personal and interactive tour through a residential building built with recycled materials showing Etnia as an Art Gallery and Museum. You will enjoy a fascinating tour upon your arrival, as our collection is made up of objects showcased in a permanent exhibition. These objects, together with the relevant information related to them, date from an era that began 4,500 years ago and lasted until 1880.

Seashells, stone objects, and ceramics help tell the story of the Pre-Pottery Indians (2500 BC-900/1000 AD), the Caquetion Indians (900/1000-1515 BC), and the indigenous peoples who lived during what is now known as the Aruban Historical Period (1515-1880 BC), as well as our exclusive family-owned antiques since 1850.

– Personalized Journey – Available upon request only

Based on specific requested topics, such as: Archeology, Geology, History, Native and Invasive flora & fauna… the topics are endless, contact us for more detailed information!

Visit Etnia Nativa and discover more reasons to love Aruba!


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