Trikes Aruba

Address: Noord 23

Are you ready to discover the island of Aruba in a different and sensational way? Touring with Trikes Aruba is an unforgettable adventure. After a quick orientation, you will be on the road to explore the island. Trikes Aruba offers well maintained high quality rental Trikes. Their tour guide will show you Aruba’s highlights in small groups of only 5 of these comfortable trikes.

Experience Aruba Tour
Duration: +/- 3.5 hours
Price per Trike: $190 US (max. 1 driver and 1 passenger)If you would like to add an extra passenger on the Trike we charge $95 US extra
Requirements: Driver must be at least 21 years old
Included: Gasoline, insurance and free pictures on our Facebook page!
Time: We offer morning tours and afternoon tours; For the morning tour we will pick you up around 8:30AM and drop you off around 12:30PM.For the afternoon tour we will pick you up around 1:30PM and drop you off around 5:30PM

Days: Daily.
Stops: You will see 70% of our beautiful Island with 3 to 4 stops at some highlights of Aruba

All our Trikes have a stick shift, before we hit the road all drivers will get a lesson how to drive a Trike. When you can’t manage or don’t want to drive the Trike we can drive for you with no extra charges.
We have 5 Trikes in Total, two 2-seater Trikes and three 3-seater Trikes!

Terms and Conditions:

– Minimum age of a Trike driver is 21 years old;
– Minimum age for a passenger is 12 years old;
– In possession of valid driver’s license (motorcycle or car driver’s license)
– Ladies please don’t wear short skirts…
– No drink and smoking on the Trikes;
– Everyone should adhere to the Aruban law and regulations, any fines are on your own account;
– If one does not follow the terms and conditions the vehicles are reclaimed without refunds.

Located at Palm Beach

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